Getting information into my head faster?
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I use text-to-speech (TTS) on my phone to read books and articles while I'm walking. Is there a more efficient way to translate text into sound that would allow me to listen to the text faster? Is there any research on this? Are there any products to look into?

It crossed my mind today that there might be a way to convert text into sound that would allow me to listen to the text faster. I just keep imaging a system where phonemes are sung into my ear.
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This coder who is blind uses a TTS system that is very clipped and fast. I can't keep up with it at all.
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There's an iOS app called SpeedUpTV that will play video (and, I think, MP3) back at rates from 0.5x to 2x without altering the pitch. It's very inexpensive and it is actively maintained and has a boatload of features I never use. I don't know if there's a text-to-speech converter in there or not.

Also: I've not used it, but I believe that iOS has an innate Speak Screen option under Accessibility which is variable rate and works with Safari and iBooks.
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I use FBreader and FBreader TTS plugin with Ivona voices on Android. This gives me the ability to change both the speed and pitch of the voice. Typically anything close to 2x normal speed seems uncomfortable to me.
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Seconding the speed-up. Most TTS apps support this, because although they take practice, you can easily listen up to 2x normal speed with no losses. Source: my wife is blind.
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Thirding, blind buddies play text-based mmorpgs that involve huge amounts of text flying up the "screen" at a pace where incan only grasp occasional words. She isn't just taking it in, she's reacting to it on the fly in really time.
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....but it will take you a month or so to become comfortable with TTS that fast.
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