Examples of matryoshka-style packaging?
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Do you know of any kind of packaging that relies on the matryoshka concept of embedding one package into another? Like origami or another packaging type with this idea of embeddedness?

I'm looking for a packaging design with the matryoshka concept as being inherent to the design as opposed to just designing a small box and putting it into a bigger box. Something that looks conceptual and well-planned as opposed to simplistic and being merely an afterthought. Ideas or references?
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Not sure if this fits the bill but here's a calendar and sock packaging.
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One more that might be what you're looking for.
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My last Weber grill arrived in a big box, and all the various parts were nested one inside the other. So when I opened the cardboard box, I found the main body of the grill. Inside that was tucked the steel body panels, and inside those were the burners, grates, and the like.
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There are several screens worth of literally matryoshka-form tools at Amazon.

Saw these measuring cups yesterday at "outlet" store TJMaxx
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Bento Boxes?
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