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Making a playlist for the gym. Theme: Amazon Warriors! Need more songs. Guidelines follow:

The list so far is
Battle Hymn by Faith and the Muse
Overground by Siouxsie
Cantara by Dead can Dance

I'm looking for more songs that have the same epic, big percussion sort of sound. Female vocals preferred but not required. I'm seeking songs that are Pagan-ish, uptempo, fast and darkwave-ish. I know my description probably fits a lot of metal bands, so I'm open to those, but I have absolutely no knowledge of metal beyond Iron Maiden. Specific tracks anyone can suggest? I need workout motivation.
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PJ Harvey's Long Snake Moan has proven itself a great gym tune, in my experience.

Bjork's Army of Me - maybe too on the nose?
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Hits a few of your requirements, but not all: Festivo
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Dead can Dance - Rakim. Not so much darkwave but has a good vibe.

The Cult - Firewoman. Not female vocals, but about a Firewoman.

Sisters of Mercy - More. I'm contractually required to recommend them at least once every music request.

Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting. Because heck yes.

Genitorturers - Sin City. A bit faster, a lot dark, not so Pagan-ish.

Switchblade Symphony - Clown. I think this fits the bill fairly well.

Lords of Acid - Gimme Gimme.

And I encourage you to explore Nightwish. That band as a whole probably fits the bill, it's more of picking the specific songs that move you there.

Good luck!
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Kate Bush - Running Up that Hill
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Propelled by a very different thread of paganism, but I'd have a look at The Slits. Also, related and of possible interest: The Raincoats.
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Battle Hymn reminded me of Knights Of Cydonia.
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Aaaand for the 20th time on MeFi, I recommend.......

Nemesis by Shriekback.
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Ann Magnuson- miss pussy pants
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My first thought was ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead's Rest Will Follow.
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"Pressure" by My Brightest Diamond.
"City's Full" by Savages.
"Razor's Edge" by Celebration.
"Age/Class" by Weekend.

And you need no knowledge of metal beyond Iron Maiden!
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Peaches -- Boys Wanna Be Her
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oooh you want KMFDM, specifically the songs with Lucia Cifarelli and other female vocalists Also check out Slick Idiot
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You'd do well to trawl through the works of Lacuna Coil, they have plenty of great stuff that hits the right spot.
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Get Some by Lykke Li
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