How can I find a speaker on mentoring in Seattle, WA?
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I want to hire an external speaker to come speak to a group of ~500 women in a large corporate environment about how to effectively find a mentor, be a good mentor, and build a great mentoring relationship that is beneficial for both parties.

The problem is, I don't really know how to search for such a thing. I want a professional who goes around talking about mentoring, and might have written a book about it that we can give out at the event, but all my searches are coming up with people I myself could hire to mentor me.

Do you 1) know of someone awesome, preferably within driving distance to Seattle, or 2) have a good idea on how to search for such a person?
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I just sent you an email with two names.
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Personal referencesxare best so go with jennstra's reccommendatin... But if tgeyvqrent availabl, many Universities publish expert lists and the names of profs and reseatchers willing and able to speak publicly.
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I took a coaching seminar with Lyssa (pronouned lee-sa) Adkins ( and she was fantastic. Not sure if she does speaking engagements but she's great and has thought a lot about interactions between people in corporations. She tends to run in software/programming circles but her ideas are broadly applicable. She is a very "real" person and would probably give a meaningful talk.
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