Looking for a good flask...
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Who makes and who sells a good flask? And, what makes a flask "good"? That is, what are the little things to look for that make it worth the extra money? Any links appreciated.
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After 5 has a bunch of flasks, as well as some remarkably silly drinking accessories.
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Do not buy a flask that has a screw-off top that isn't otherwise attached to the flask. Your friend will drop it under the bleachers.

Don't buy a flask that isn't sturdy enough to sit on, because you will sit on it. You wouldn't buy a dentable wallet, would you?

Do buy a flask with a natural curve, in a size appropriate for the wearer. In as much as the point of a flask is to be somewhat stealthy, the curve and size are vital to this end. The right size/curve will almost disappear in either a front (thigh) or rear (hip/ass) pocket of a pair of jeans, because it will fill the pocket smoothly.

Flask too big? The end will stick out of your pocket, and it might fall out of a back pocket when you sit down.

Flask too small? The outline of it, cap and all, will be visible as an impression on your pants.

Do get it engraved. It's inexpensive, and increases the classiness factor disproportionately.
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You'd think this would be obvious: a good flask doesn't leak. Apparently, some flask makers a leak-proof cap is a necessity. I don't know if there's any practical way to test this before buying. Just make sure the store has a good return policy.
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"Do not buy a flask that has a screw-off top that isn't otherwise attached to the flask. Your friend will drop it under the bleachers."

That belongs in some phrase-a-day calendar, for it's wisdom is deep.
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What toxic and wryly said.
My flask has a screw hinged top and the butt shape curve. It also is textured stainless steel so the scratches and tiny dents do not stand out as much as if it were polished stainless steel. This one is 5 oz, the right size to have a little nip with me without getting in the way. ummmm scotch......
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I just bought an REI flask. I'm pretty sure it's this one, I was in the store when I bought it, so I'm not 100% sure. I was just using it last night. It's light and fits in the ass pocket really well and didn't leak a drop. The cap is attached and not losable. I'm really happy with it.
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Look closely at the edges and corners of the flask. You want one that is a single peice of metal, not a top and a bottom connected by sheet metal in the middle. This second type is much more prone to leakage.
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I have the same rei one lumpenprole mentioned. have had it about a year now I think, and it's been great.
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I have one from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports), built with a top and a bottom as KenFox mentions, and yep, it's developed a leak along the bottom seam. Nothing says boozer like the whif of leaking scotch. Also, I'm considering glass-lined for my next flask; I think the hooch picks up a metallic tang if left in too long.
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yes, you definitely should never leave anything in an unlined flask for more than 2-3 days. but personally I worry more about glass vs. my drunken clumsiness ^_^ so unlined wins out.

I wonder if it's possible to make something like a flask in 1 single piece? it seems like it's more a question of how well the seams are finished (i.e. it seems much easier to mill the seams to be indistinguishable and simply appear as if it's a single piece of metal...?)

the gsi/rei flask definitely has a seam at the side and also ones at the top and bottom. no leaks after a year, but ask me again in another year or two.
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Make sure that the flask has an appropriate funnel. Funnels are important! When I first bought a flask, I was mortified to discover there was no efficient way to pour liquor through the itty bitty neck. Woe to me!

Also, the regular eight ounce flask rarely fits discreetly in a jeans pocket. There are some slim-line five ounce flasks, however, that are invisible in a regular front jeans pocket. Mine is bound in black leather, adding to the invisibility factor. Nice!
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This one is pretty good, although it would definitely cause your jeans to bulge if tucked into a pocket. I think what makes a flask "good" is that it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
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schwa, I've always understood "flask" to mean "hip flask", and never "thermos". My dictionary claims the latter is British. YMMV.
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