figure skate suggestions for novice
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Anyone have recommendations for what kind of skates a beginning adult figure skater might purchase?
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Go to Play It Again Sports and buy gently used. Get them sharpened at the skate center where you're taking lessons.
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Are you currently taking lessons? Is there a pro shop at your rink? If there is, try there, and also ask an instructor where to go for skates.

Some people's feet fit better in Riedells, some in Jacksons. I've been taking lessons for a couple of years and my Jackson Mystiques are still serving me well. This page lists the best-known skate brands and what level of skater wears them. Break-in can be unpleasant, so ask if they'll do heat-molding or anything else to ease break-in.
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Also, once you get hooked on skating, this is a good forum for advice and whatnot. There are also private groups on Facebook for adult figure skaters.
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