Help me find the exact date of an All Mighty Senators concert in '94
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Can anyone help me track down the exact date of an All Mighty Senators show in the Baltimore area (probably the 8x10) in late February or early March in 1994?

I'm coming up on the 20th anniversary of the day I met my wife. We were talking about it the other day and about the fact that we could never agree on the exact day. We know that it was right at the end of February or right at the beginning of March in 1994 but we don't remember the exact day.

However, we do know that the All Mighty Senators were playing in Baltimore that night. We met at a party some mutual friends were having and she was going to see the All Mighty Senators play later that night. I had wanted to see them and she tried to convince me to go but I chickened out. I did get the courage to call her up later and ask her out on a date. As they say, the rest is history.

We did do some searching on the internet but so far haven't found anything conclusive. Does anyone know where I can find information on when the All Mighty Senators played in Baltimore in (probably) late February or (maybe) early March in 1994? We are pretty sure it was at the 8x10.

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Don't know if anyone will come up with the answer here, but as a last resort you could go to a library with a newspaper archive and see if you can find any ads for the club or event listings at around the time.
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They played a show at The Chambers in Baltimore on 03/12/1994. There was also a show at the 8x10, but it was in early January. Could it be one of those?
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Me fail math? That's unpossible. So yeah, I'm looking for the same time frame but in 1995.

Ugh, this is embarrassing.
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Although I think that's why I didn't mention the Internet Archive. We had looked there and didn't see any shows for 1995.

The library is a good bet though if it comes to that. I think the Baltimore City Paper would have ads for the 8x10.
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I think if you contacted them with this story, they might have someone dig up that info for you.
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I did that as well. I'll post if I hear back from them!
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