French magazine for 10 yr old girl?
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Christmas gift help - I want to get my cousin's daughter a subscription to a Quebec or French magazine. She's 10 and a half years old, likes to read a lot, and has been in French immersion since kindergarten. Does anyone know of any french language magazines that would be good for her?
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I was in French immersion until grade 5, when I moved to the States. I remember reading a lot of good magazines from this company, they make the English language magazines Owl, Chickadee, etc.

(translated page for the anglophones)

Now you just need to figure out whether to get her a magazine focusing on reading, science, culture...
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Does she like science? I was a huge fan of Les D├ębrouillards when I was her age. You can subscribe via Bayard Jeunesse. (They also seem to have a variety of other kid's magazines too that might be worth looking into.)
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I loved Wapiti at that age. It's a French wildlife magazine for kids.
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Thank you all for your replies - I will probably go with Les D├ębrouillards.
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