House Arrest Vertical Range
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Are house arrest ankle monitors able to detect vertical movement?

I'm asking because a client is worried that taking the elevator to and from her apartment to the common areas will set off the ankle monitor.

I'm not sure what brand or company is running the service, but for the purposes of the question any general info is fine.
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It is distance from the device to the receiver, horizontal or vertical makes no difference (this was true, at least, a few years ago when I was working with a number of kids on monitors).
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The old style of monitor used a radio connection to a base unit in your house or apartment and would be triggered once you went beyond a certain distance from the receiver. Modern devices have a GPS receiver and a cell phone connection and wouldn't care about your altitude at all. I don't think the old style is used in very many cases any more.
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GPS can determine altitude, btw, just depends on whether they programmed the software to care or not.
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