A secretary cabinet/desk for my two-monitor PC
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I'd like to have a secretary cabinet or desk, bought or made, that can hide away a computer setup with dual 24" widescreen monitors. I imagine a design where the monitors fold in and drop into the desk or something, allowing the the secretary itself to be fairly narrow. Does anything like this exist? I'd probably have to resort to Ikea hacking or even woodworking to afford it, but I can't find or come up with a design that nicely folds away two biggish screens, and looks like a sensible piece of furniture when stowed.
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My setup can accommodate two 24" monitors (one in each desk).
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I have the IKEA PS 2014 Secretary Deck and it's pretty nice. It fits a QNAP server 4-bay NAS, MBP, router, and modem with a bit of room to spare. Not sure it would accommodate two side by side 24" widescreen monitors, but you might want to look at the dimensions. You could also make use of mounting arms if you really want to get creative.

Good luck!
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My experience with this kind of thing is that it tends to take a lot of trial and error. But Amazon has a lot of dual mounting arms. If you're hoping to find something where you push a button and the screens smoothly rise out of the desk like in some James Bond movie, I';m afraid I have some bad news for you ...
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