What food would you being a Magic the Gathering party?
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This weekend some friends are planning to nerd out 90s style and have a Magic the Gathering party. I'd like to bring some theme appropriate snacks, but I keep just coming up with generic game night food. Are there any foods that just scream MAGIC to you?

Oh, and it would be helpful if they were vegetarian... not a requirement, but several people coming don't eat meat.
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I would hit the fruit snack aisle. The 90s live on with a vengeance there. (IIRC, there's something called 'gushers' that's all jewel shaped.)
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A parfait.

Edit: Added link in case context was needed.
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Mountain Dew and pizza rolls.
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mr muffins says: Loading Ready Run has a video featuring some MtG-themed snacks which might inspire you: http://loadingreadyrun.com/videos/view/1648/Friday-Nights-The-Masters
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Historically, combo decks have been named after breakfast cereals and other breakfast foods (Trix, Cephalid Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Eggs, Lucky Charms). Here's a link that talks about this.
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Practically, you want hand food that won't get cards sticky or dirty. So avoid things with sauces, avoid most chips (chip grease is the worst). As a Magic player, I'm more fond of healthier snacks, especially if I'm going to be sitting around playing for a while. But you could make some sort of candy spread representing the colors. Red M&Ms, black liquorice, green Jolly ranchers, white marshmallows, blue... something.

Something similar could be done with fruit and veg.
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Sultai, one of the clans from the current set, has a thing about bowls of fruit (albeit served out of the skulls of zombies).
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And finally, one of the regulars at my FLGS makes really nice MTG themed cupcakes, though I suspect that might be a bit more work than you'd like. The pictures often show up on reddit.
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How about Falafel? You could call it Arabian Nights and use the cards as jumping off points for naming the fixings.

You can set up a Falafel bar, and have traditional falafel, and maybe lamb balls Keftedes) too, for the carnivores.

I'd have Pitas, lettuce, onions, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced peppers, feta cheese, hummus, tzatziki, tahini, and the hot sauce (sriracha could stand in for harisa I suppose.)

It's a lot of prep, although there are tons of easy to do Falafel mixes. But MAN would that be tasty. Also people can pick and poke at whatever they want.

For Drop of Honey, you could bring a Baklava, which, Greek, or whatever, it's flipping good!

Fishliver oil could be a canape, tuna salad on mini bread or lox, cream cheese and mini bagels.

You could make Deviled Eggs and call them Dragon Eggs.

The spinach artichoke dip is always a hit. Maybe serve it with a Green Card name.

Stuff like that.
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Pop rocks are a fun little treat on cookies or cupcakes/muffins. You can even hide them in chocolate if you are feeling ambitious and messy.

I like sour soothers ("sour keys") too, and since it's close to Valentines you could get heart-shaped candies for life tokens pretty readily.

Since Magic is so focused on resource cards, you could come up with "Swamp Mix" drinks, Beef Jerky / "Tree Bark" candy, anything dyed Blue for the water cards, etc.
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Might be a bit of trouble to set up, but draft beer?
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If you will be playing with the current set, Khans of Tarkir, you could reference that set's Asian influences and go with egg rolls and the like.
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Mead! Flagons of golden mead!
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I'd go to some card database like deckbox.org and start typing in food names, then create dishes incorporating those foods and named after whatever cards turn up. Pig, wine, meat, fruit, chicken, egg, bird, all came up in a few minutes of trying.
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There are some places you can get custom color mixes of M&Ms; it might be too late or expensive to get them from the website, but if you can find a local candy store you could make a nice "mana pool" of white, blue, black, red, and green M&Ms. (Would be great for putting on cupcakes or baking into cookies, too.) If you can't find the appropriate M&Ms, you could almost certainly find jellybeans that'd fit the bill instead.
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