Help an AirBnb Host: How to apply a discount
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How do AirBnB Hosts apply discounts for customers?

I am going out of state with my boyfriend to work a job in the summer for about a month. We found this great little house with a super-cool host on Airbnb. Because our accommodations are coming out-of-pocket, we asked if he would be willing to apply a "poor kids working in the arts/ we will help you around the house" discount and he was all about it. However, apparently this is his first Airbnb hosting gig, and he is not sure how the Airbnb payments system works. Through our email transactions, he asked me how the payments worked on my end and how to best apply the discount that he is willing to give us. I'm trying to help him out since, ya know, discounts & mutual assistance & stuff.

I am aware that, as a customer, when you "book now" Airbnb takes the money out of your account, plus their service fee, and I love their service & am totally willing to pay that price. What I don't know and can't find any info about is how a host might apply a discount for a particular customer. Any helpful tips?

I have considered paying the total amount & then asking him to pay out the cash discount, but that feels awkward, if there is a way to do this "in the system," that is preferred.
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The host can override their pricing for specific days on their calendar. Just have those match up with the dates you want to book and your agreed-upon pricing, and the rest of it should work normally.
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They can also send you a "host offer" from within the messaging thread.
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If you've already booked, the host can straight up give you a refund through Airbnb as well.
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I do this sometimes for last minute reservations when I won't have time to clean the place properly or whatever. The relevant help file is called "special offer" if you haven't booked already. They'd have to submit an alteration request otherwise.
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Thank you everyone! Those "help" links were exactly what I was looking for!
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