Looking for a fibro-friendly, female, GP in Asheville
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Asking for a friend in Asheville NC: Looking for recommendations for a female primary care doctor that is good working with patients who have complex problems including fibromyalgia. (They don't have to be an expert but familiar with the issues and comfortable referring out and coordinating with specialists) Bonus if you know that they are taking new patients.
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Family to Family. Charlotte Street. I don't know about new patients. I do know that they will not do your health insurance. That's your deal.
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I met Suzanne Landis once, and if I lived in Asheville, I'd see her.
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Lydia Jeffries is an OB/GYN but she's fantastic. I also hear really good things about MAHEC, but my personal experience there was just so-so. Feel free to message me if you/she have any questions.
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