How safe is Jordan (Petra/Aqaba) for tourists? Difficulty level: Israeli
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My mom and I (Israeli) have planned a two-day vacation in Jordan for this weekend, but I'm worried about ISIS and terrorism. If you've been in Jordan recently, what does it feel like in terms of safety? We would be crossing via Aqaba and spending one night there and one night in Petra. I'm starting to get cold feet, especially since I'm concerned that whatever the actual danger level I might feel too anxious to enjoy the trip, but everything's paid for and I'm hesitant to back out. MeFites, can you set my mind at ease, or at least give me a realistic sense of what it's like for tourists in Jordan at the moment? Thanks.
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ISIS has shown a distinct preference for more-or-less conventional combat as a method of expanding the territory under their control. They commit atrocities within those territories, without question, but haven't shown much interest in sponsoring or coordinating terrorist incidents in areas outside that. In that sense, I think you're really quite safe from ISIS in Jordan.

In terms of other terrorist threats, frankly, I doubt there's any source on information about threats to Israeli citizens in the middle east that even approaches the reliability of the official Israeli government travel advice. If they're not warning about any imminent threats, I think I'd feel quite safe taking the trip you have planned.
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Does your Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or relevant office) issue travel advisories? The US Department of State currently has no advisory or warning for Jordan (although there is a worldwide caution).
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I'd be happy going back to Petra in the middle of the country. I wouldn't drive around in the north of Jordan like I did a few years ago when we went to Umm Qais and nearly ended up in Syria by accident.
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