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Does anyone know of a few good brands that do a customizable travel make up palette that includes not only eye shadow but liner, as well as foundation, bronzer etc? I can't seem to find anything online except for a few hits on the big "mature" skin companies like Estee Lauder.... Thanks ladies!
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It doesn't include foundation (I'm not really sure how that would work, given that foundation shades are... not so universal) but the Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette is pretty comprehensive and versatile.
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Agree that the Urban Decay palette is fantastic.

Bobbi Brown does customizable palettes, and the quality of their makeup is pretty good - on par with MAC, Urban Decay, and other favourites.
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I think the only place that does customizable palettes is Mac, where you buy an empty palette and just pop in your own combo of blush, eyeshadow etc. All the major brands do travel palettes but they're not customizable and most won't include foundation for the reason mentioned above.
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Yup, here it is (goes with this or this).
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Trish McEvoy does something called the Makeup Planner which is fully customizable and incudes everything you need. A bit pricey, but the quality is high so you get what you pay for.
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Have you considered rolling your own? I've seen a few versions of the universal magnetic palette, Z Palettes are popular. You can buy what makeup you need from whatever brands you like and de-pot them, and then just stick some magnets on the back, and you're good to go.
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Clinique makes one. I have had a couple over the years and the foundation has been a perfect match for me.
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Aveda's Total Face and Professional compacts are great for travel, and Aveda also do foundation, bronzer, etc.
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The Freedom System by Inglot seems really cool. It looks like they have counters at Macy's.
Jouer has DIY palettes with separate pieces that snap together.
NYX has a really inexpensive version of the Urban Decay/Naked On The Run Palette
Benefit lets you customize a kit. It won't be in a palette but it comes with a free case.

stick some magnets on the back

There's also a palette that's already magnetized.
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ditto the Z Palette. I also had a blast de-potting my makeup and saved a planet's worth of counter space in the process.
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Jumped back in to note that whilst MAC has customizable palettes, they don't include foundation and powder. The Bobbi Brown ones do, as well as ANY blush, eyeshadow, etc - which made it the clincher for me!
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks everybody! Lots of good stuff here. I will check it all out. Cheers! :D
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