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How/where can I buy Bitcoin this morning and have it in a wallet today?

I have a Circle account, but only $100 is available instantly. I'm dealing with money which is not my own. How can I buy Bitcoin and have it in my digital possession today? LocalBitcoin sketches me out. Thinking of using

Advice, suggestions, reputable exchanges greatly appreciated.
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I have used coinbase and found it extremely slow and I ended up donating all the BTC that I bought so I have no idea how long it takes to withdraw. I feel like this is a common issue so I am curious to hear what others say.
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If you need Bitcoins instantly, LocalBitCoin is the only option although you will pay more.

I would just meet in a coffee shop or somewhere similar, paying in cash with a handover of cash only when the funds are in your wallet.
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Yes, you have to do it locally. I'd ask people you know first.
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