Do You play POGO games on your computer
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so my GF loves POGO. some of the games quit working & it seems to me a lot of crap has been loaded onto the computer. So I'm gonna wipe & redo but what I want to know is if anyone has had similar issues with this PAID game website. Fake JAVA download maybe? thanks pat ( POGO )
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Can't speak to the crap loaded onto the computer issue, since that's way beyond my pay grade, but I have found that Pogo will sometimes have problems with one or more games, for no obvious reason. There will be complaints in the Comments section, and after awhile the problems disappear, and the game(s) are okay. They constantly add new games, tweak old games, and have the whole MiniMall thing; I've just assumed that their plans were bigger than their coding skills.

For me, a little irritation is worth it for the fun of Word Whomp and Mahjongg. I recently had my Mac "cleaned up" by a professional, and there was no mention of any obvious problems beyond an aging computer accumulates debris.
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I used to work at Pogo awhile ago. It has been years so take my note with a grain of salt, I haven't kept up with the site.
If she has random crap on her computer I think we used to do partnerships with sites that would give users pogo cash or whatever it is in exchange for downloading stuff or doing surveys, so you may want to check that she didn't do any of those "free" offers first? Otherwise, the way the site and games are coded are not done so in a way to dump random stuff or malware on users machines.
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No fake Java download necessary -- Java itself is a huge infection vector. Uninstall it, or if you really need it, disable the browser plugin (in Control Panel).
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thank you all for the advise. i know java is bad she'll have to get over it & I'll have to reload the OS
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