"Surely it must exist," computer mouse edition
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All I want is a mouse that combines some very common features: (a) wireless, (b) ambidextrous, (c) works with a Mac, (d) has a couple of extra buttons, and (e) isn't crazy expensive. And yet, these seemingly simply do not exist.

* The type of mouse I'm talking about is like the Monoprice gaming mouse, or the Logitech MX310, except wireless.

* The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse looks nice, and it's only $15. There are a lot of mice just like this. Why can't they just stick an extra button on each side?

* The Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 puts an extra button on each side ... and its price rockets up to $65!!

* The Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse looks great, but it uses a cockamamie wi-fi connection instead of bog-standard RF or Bluetooth. WHY, TARGUS, WHY!?!?!

*The SteelSeries Sensei seems pretty good ... if you like spending $120 on a mouse.

Does anyone know where I can find a mouse that meets all these very common, standard criteria, and is also reasonably priced?
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I'm using this HP mouse, which works with a Mac. I think it comes in other colors. I got mine at Best Buy. The specs say you can use either side.

Looks like there is a cooler version, with many color options.
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You want the Wireless Mouse 5000

This thing is a tank, has the extra button on each side, and can be had for $40 or so online.
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You can program a Magic Mouse to have multiple buttons. The default system preferences allow only two, but tools like MagicPrefs allow lots of options.
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Razer Orochi is $54.

Most people will use extra buttons on one side or the other, but not both. You might not find mice in the sub-$20 range with buttons on both sides, since manufacturers are probably pinching pennies to sell hardware that cheap, and are going to strip out any component that's not necessary to sell the device to the average buyer.

However, this $14 HAVIT mouse might work. (It comes in other colors too.) I think the third and fourth buttons are the colored patches on either side, but I couldn't confirm that...
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ugg. I agree that the MS 5000 looks pretty good. But it's $65 on Amazon, and I can't find anyplace else that doesn't gouge Alaskans for shipping.

To further illustrate what I'm talking about, look at this mouse ($8) and this mouse ($9.88). This style of mouse is very common and cheap. You can find them all over the place. They all look pretty much perfect ... except ... they take the two extra buttons and put them both on the left side! WHY?!?!?! Why not just put one on the left, and one one the right?!?! Argh!!
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Unfortunately it looks like that HAVIT is just your standard 3-button mouse with an additional DPI button. But that took me to HAVIT's website, and... hmmmm....
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A note on the Razer Orochi: I have this mouse and while I really like it, it is a smaller mouse meant for travel use, so if you're looking for something that fills your palm, it won't be what you're hoping for. That said, it is probably the most comfortable travel mouse I've ever used, as it is at least a little larger than most.
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