Stephen King short story?
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Pretty sure this was a short story by Stephen King because I remember seeing a nod to IT somewhere within.

Something about a kid who loses an object somehow (a baseball? a watch? a coin? I think his Dad gave it to him or he stole it from his Dad, so he has to get it back) and he knows it's in this hollow tree, or under a tree. There's some kind of monster down there that collects things, and part of the short story is listing out all of this stuff he sees, one item of which belongs to a kid that IT killed I think. I think he almost doesn't escape from the hole because he's fat.

Does anyone know 1. which short story I'm referring to and 2. in what anthology I can find it? Thanks.
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There's a scene much like that in Insomnia, which is so very not a short story, but has the monster-under-the-tree and a whole lot of stuff that refers to other King books. (He's looking for a wedding ring, I believe. Been a while since I reread that one.)
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It does sound veeeeeery vaguely like "LieLand" from Etgar Keret's "Suddenly a Knock on the Door" - a transcript of it is available here.
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Appearances of IT:

It (film)
Gray Matter (mentioned)
Dreamcatcher (mentioned)
The Tommyknockers
11/22/63 (mentioned)
Insomnia (mentioned)
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I believe this is from Insomnia, where one of the "little bald doctors" collects tokens from his victims, and one of the tokens belongs to Gage Creed from Pet Sematary.
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It does sound like that bit in Insomnia, but that doesn't mean that the idea didn't start as a stand-alone short story; King has taken other short stories and incorporated them into longer works, or made reference to them. (The protagonist of the title story from Everything's Eventual shows up in the last Dark Tower book, for example.) Here's a list of all of King's shorter works; many of them have their own Wikipedia page, and although nothing rang a bell for me, you may have better luck.
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Not all the details track but I also vote Insomnia. Although the only short story your description made me think of was "The Things They Left Behind".

Maybe some mash up of that and the Insomnia scene?
The tree was Insomnia though.
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I dont vote Insomnia. Its more recent...was the kid riding a bike thru a bridge? I remember what youre describing that way. ...
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Was it joe hills n0s4a2?
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