Recommendations for beach shacks in South Goa?
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I'm looking for recommendations for beach shacks in South Goa. Ideal would be right on the water, quiet, and with good food options nearby. We'd like to steer clear of places with a bit too much of a ayurveda/yoga/woo/backpacker vibe, but understand some of that is inevitable. I'm familiar with TripAdvisor and IndiaMike--I'm mostly just seeing if AskMe users have any personal recommendations of their own.
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Of course I can't tell you where it is because that ruins the point of the place, but I had a really wonderful time at Elsewhere.

Shit, whitewall, it's you. This comment is unhelpful.
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I was talking to a friend last night about how to get good travel suggestions abroad, and he suggested that wikitravel has been instrumental to him for getting decent bearing and insights for exploring places. Here's the wikitravel page for Goa.
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