Which Bay Area artists remind you of P.J. Harvey?
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I'm looking for artists reminiscent of P.J. Harvey, Shannon Wright, or Cat Power who regularly tour the Bay Area. Feel free to be as loose as you want with the comparison.
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Maybe Amy X Neuburg, who's a Bay Area local.
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Dengue Fever is playing this week.
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Scout Nibblett

Laura Love
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Annah Anti-Palindrome might be fun for you to see live. I wouldn't really say she's reminds me of PJ Harvey, but her live performances are awesome, quirky, and eerily beautiful. She kind of makes her own mixes using some kind of looping system. It's fun to see in person.

Des Ark travels there too. Sometimes with a full band, sometimes with a fellow guitarist, sometimes on her own. If she comes to your area, go see her live. She's amazing, stunning, powerful. Highly recommended!
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Sondra Sun-Odeon (an interview compares her to early Cat Power..), formerly of Silver Summit.
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Oh, and Tucson's own Acorn Bcorn and Katterwaul tour west pretty regularly, often with the Burger Records groups. Speaking of which: Colleen Green.
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Eliza Rickman. PJ Harvey is definitely an influence. The first time I saw her, it was downstairs at Vira Cocha and she was playing a PJ Harvey & Nick Cave song.
Black Rose
Cinnamon Bone
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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down is Bay Area based and reminds me of Cat Power. And puts on a fun live show!
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