Is my contract lawyer tax deductible?
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in 2014, I went from one job to another, and part of that transition was negotiating a contract with my new employer. As part of the negotiation, I hired a lawyer to help me with the contract terms, which ended up costing me a decent chunk of money. My question: Can I deduct this money from my taxes? is it a job expense? I am thinking the answer is no, but I would love to be able to deduct that money.
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I am not an accountant, but I would definitely deduct it. So if nothing else my answer should give you hope and courage to keep pushing until you get an answer.
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Rules for deductions.

"Legal Fees

You can deduct legal fees related to doing or keeping your job."

^Has to be ordinary or necessary.

This is probably the sort of thing you need a tax accountant for, but before you go to that step, make sure this + all other misc deductions are at least 2%, otherwise you've wasted your time. The link above includes the others allowed, so worth a look.
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*If* it's deductible, it would be under the provision noted by Trifling; that is, under IRC sec. 212.

Note, however, that this is a miscellaneous itemized deduction meaning (a) you'd have to be itemizing your deductions and (b) you can deduct only the amount that exceeds 2% of your AGI (so if you make 50K/yr, the first 1K of misc. itemized deductions is not deductible).

Also, the impact of the deduction may be reduced due to AMT.

Your state provisions may be different.
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I think this would be a 162 deduction: deductible as a trade/business expense. The relevant test is whether the new job is in the same field you've been in or a new field. If the latter, it's non-deductible, if the former, it is probably deductible.
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Don't forget to issue your lawyer a 1099. It's usually required in order to deduct trade or business legal fees. This link may or may not be helpful.
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