Help me find someone to talk to about immigration in Vancouver, BC
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I've received conflicting (informal) advice about my eligibility for one of the BC Provincial Nominee Program categories, and I'd like to discuss my situation with an immigration professional. But I could use some help choosing who to talk to: First, choosing if I want an immigration lawyer or consultant, and second, recommendations for specific lawyers and consultants.

My biggest obstacle is my uncertain eligibility for the BC PNP, and trying to present my case in the best possible light. I don't have any of the other major immigration roadblocks — no arrests, never denied entry, never overstayed a visa, etc. That said, if I mess up my PNP application I'll be in a tough spot, so I really want it done right the first time.

Everything I've been able to find about immigration consultants vs lawyers has come from a biased source. That is, lawyers fear-mongering about consultants, and consultants saying they're wonderful. How do I decide which service is right for me?

And I'd also really appreciate hearing recommendations for consultants and lawyers, as well as anecdotes about your experiences with them.

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There are unscrupulous people who pose as immigration consultants and take advantage of people trying to come to Canada. The industry is nowhere near as regulated as the practice of law, so you will, necessarily, have a greater chance of running into problems if you go the consultant route.

It isn't as though these are significantly cheaper services then just going with a lawyer anyway.

In the Vancouver area, I often see the following people recommended:

Saba Naqvi at Boughton Law Corp
Robert Pryer at Specht & Pryer
Peter Edelmann at Edelmann & Company
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