Where to buy Merona Bootcut Jeans?
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I have always bought Merona jeans from Target, and they fit me great. However, they don't seem to sell them anymore. I've looked on ebay, but is there anywhere else to buy Merona jeans? Or do you know of another brand/style of jeans that fit similarly?

I found a pair on ebay that exactly match the pairs I have: Women's Merona Bootcut Stretch Jeans 14R.
However, there aren't many listings in my size and I really need at least 3-4 new pairs of jeans.

What else I've tried:
* I've tried the Mossimo jeans that target carries now, but they tend to ride down on my hips.
* I have a pair of size 18 calvin klein skinny jeans that I like, but they're a bit too small for me. The only place I've seen any calvin klein jeans in sizes above 16 are ebay/thrift stores.
* I have a pair of LL Bean bootcut jeans, but the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband is way too long for me. I also couldn't find a size that both doesn't feel like it's going to fall off and isn't too tight to be comfortable.

I don't want to spend more than about $50/60 per pair of jeans, although I could spend more if that's what's need to get a pair that really fit. I'm used to spending less than $30/pair at Target. I tend to find somewhat stretchy jeans more comfortable than real jeans. Jeans tend to be tight on the waist more than anywhere else on me.

I like dark wash jeans, and usually wear a curvy bootcut style. In other clothes, I wear a 2X, but I seem to range from 14R to 20 in jeans. I want to be able to buy 4 pairs of jeans at the same time that will fit me as well as Merona jeans I love (or just be able to by 4 pairs of Merona jeans).
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The Limited. These are particularly great jeans.
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Merona is a Target-owned brand, so I wouldn't spend too much time trying to find their products outside of Target.
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Hi there! I'm you, but also short. Here's a question I asked a bit ago (my link went to Merona petite dark wash bootcut jeans that were perfect (PERFECT! Fit me like they were made for me) and I'm still mad that they don't make them anymore). I eventually settled on the Old Navy jeans that I marked as best answer, but the rise from the waist to the crotch is a little long. I haven't found anything better, though I'm not willing to spend more than $50 or so on jeans.
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There's a fair bit of the Merona brand still available on Target online, but the high number of items with 'Clearance' status seems to indicate they might be putting it on hiatus or discontinuing it as you said.

A friend indicated to me that American Eagle might have a similar style to the one you're looking for (and jeans are one of their only items without the massive iconic eagle motif).

Old Navy might be an idea if you get desperate, though the reviews on their fit aren't very promising. Lane Bryant gets much better points on good fit, and fewer on versatility of style.

If you can find the right time of year to catch a sale, then Calvin Klein jeans at Macy's might be a promising choice, if they're available in the right size for you.

Other outlying possibilities: The Avenue/Gloria Vanderbilt at Kohl's/The Gap/Maurice's, or Fashion Bug.

I hope you find the perfect pair for you!
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The problem with jeans is that you have to try on a bazillion pairs. Even different fabrics in the same maker might fit differently.

JM, a brand sold at Macys, had some trouser jeans that I liked the fit of. Occasionally I find a fab fitting pair of jeans in American Rag. Basically go to Macy's Woman department, and try on their denim. It'll all be on sale or clearance. I never buy anything at full retail there.

Macy's will have coupons on line and in the paper for 20% off, or just ask the lady behind the counter if she has a coupon. They always do.

It really, really sucks, but just know that every woman, every size goes through this.
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I've had enormous success with Kohl's Sonoma jeans.
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I really like Old Navy Sweetheart bootcut jeans. They're a little bit stretchy and don't shift down my hips. And they're very affordable.
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I loved my old Merona bootcut jeans. I found them when they were being phased out and I even went to four or five area targets to buy the few other pairs I could find. Of course jeans are a very personal thing, but I can tell you that as a former Merona fan I now default to the "Sweetheart" cut of Old Navy jeans. Of course the cut doesn't work across every style but I have them in two different jans styles and a cute narrow khaki style and they fit well.
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I, too, had a couple of pairs of Merona jeans and trousers that fit so well and are all gone now. Sigh.

I'm usually a 16 or 18 in jeans, and I've had success with *some* of the Levi's 580 Bootcut jeans. I give them tons of credit for comfort, cut, and durability--but they're also totally maddening in that the sizing is seriously all over the map for this line. I once purchased 3 pairs in 18W online and one I couldn't even pull up over my knees; one was so loose after an hour that I could pull them off without unbuttoning; one fit great. So if you have a Macy's, Kohl's, or JC Penny nearby, it's worth grabbing all of the 580s and trying 'em on. (Note: the ones with the buttons on the back pockets seem to consistently run the smallest).
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Check out Jones NY jeans at Macy's Women's or wherever in your area. Great fit, come in different lengths, & finishes. As noted, everything is generally on sale or has a coupon at department stores these days. There is also a Jones outlet near me where I have had good luck.
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Just throwing it out there - if you're willing to buy used (I.e eBay) then going to a consignment shop or Goodwill would give you options of many brands, at a much cheaper price. They usually have tons of jeans. You may even find Merona.
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I sometimes just go to Ross and try on every pair of jeans in my size, get the ones that fit in the thighs/butt and pay $15 to take in the waist and get them hemmed. There are usually a few candidates and that way I get it all done at once and for cheap.
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