Help me find an android notification manager?
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I do not want to root it. Requirements: Change the notification sound, LED notification light colour, and (optionally) vibration for notifications coming from each app.

I realize this perfect app may not exist, but I'm hopeful that you can find something appropriate. I have several apps on my phone that are either in Chinese (therefore I can't figure out how to change the notification sound) or don't have an option to change the notification sound. That results in me having my default notification sound corresponding to about 3 or 4 apps such that I can't tell which app it is without looking at my phone. I'd like something that allows me to decide that app 1 makes this sound, app 2 makes this other sound. The sounds don't even have to be custom!

I would also like to be able to change the light colour associated with these notifications. As it stands, at least 2 of my commonly used apps flash green light, and two other common ones flash blue. I'd like to change it as I know my phone is capable of making several colours. I previously used something called Light Manager (I think?? something like that) and it was great, but I'd prefer one that manages sound as well. I will install two separate apps if necessary.

Finally, if this app could change the vibration for the notifications, I'd like that, but it's not so important.

I don't want to change how notifications are managed generally, I don't want some filter or list or something, I just want to change the sounds and lights! When searching, it seems that most notification managers filter notifications and I don't really need that - the sound/light should be enough for me to filter them myself.

If this is only possible by rooting the phone... I guess I will suffer for the time being. I am not ready to root my phone just yet.

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like you need Light Flow. I linked the free version of the app but there's a paid one with more options. I believe it does LED notifications and sound notification w/ vibration.
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I'll second Light Flow. I've used it on my S4 and it does what you want. It's easy enough to try out the free version.
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I tried the free version but it didn't have the particular apps I need it for, but the paid one does (it's mostly the Chinese apps that are troubling me) so I bought the full version. Haven't had any notifications since, but I think this app is going to be a winner. I don't know how I didn't find it before when I searched for a notification manger!
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