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This Pokémon thread is sort of an in-joke between my partner and I. So, where can I buy or commission a sour poffin for Valentine's Day?

I didn't have any luck Googling or looking on Etsy. I found this but it's sold out. Any variety works: edible, clay, plush, knitted.

Can you recommend an Etsy seller who might be able to make it and ship it to a location in the US? I'm also happy to buy from any crafty Mefites reading this. (This question is anonymous, so if you post, I'll get in touch with you elsewhere.) Bonus points if you or the seller can embroider "Dudeskull" somewhere.
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I'm also happy to buy from any crafty Mefites reading this.

You could post this to Jobs.
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Do you have a knack for baking, and would you be able to use a kitchen without your partner around? Several lemon cookie recipes produce yellow poffiny cookies and would satisfy the "sour" requirement. Put some colored sprinkles on top, add a gift tag reading "FOR DUDESKULL" and cross out DUDESKULL and write your partner's name. It's super effective!
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Note, too, that according to that page some Pokemon really enjoy eating burnt poffins :)

I would do some sort of sourdough something. Or go to a bakery in your area and see what they offer, and if someone might be willing to do a custom order.
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If you like that poffin charm you linked to I can make you one easy. I have all the stuff. I can even make two of them and put them on some earrings if you're into that.
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Poffins look like a filled bun kind of thing like this:

maybe you could use lemon curd for the filling.
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Do you have a Japanese bakery anywhere near you? Those look like buns from a Japanese bakery.
You could use a recipe and fill it with lemon curd or lemon jam.

You could also probably make something like that pretty easily using felt.

Since it is less than a week from Valentine's day it might be hard for a craftsy person to make and ship something to you in time.
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Here's a recipe for poffins! I have not made it myself, so I cannot vouch for it.
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OP's sour poffins are on their way!
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