Keeping your Kindle libraries separate
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What are my options for Kindle privacy/separation of libraries? My father (who lives in another country) has a Kindle which is linked to my account.

He's not great with tech so he doesn't know how to do much beyond just read whatever's on it. When he wants to read a book, I buy it for him on the Kindle store and select the 'Deliver to Dad's Kindle' option when checking out.

On the Amazon Forums, it says that if you buy a book using your computer you can select which device to send it to. However in my experience I have found this isn't true - Dad's Kindle just appears to download books willy-nilly without my having to select the 'Deliver to Dad's Kindle' option. He visited recently and I saw that his Kindle had a lot of my content downloaded onto it. He didn't want any of it there but not being very good at anything technical he didn't know how to delete them. I spent the better part of an hour trawling through this Kindle painstakingly deleting the books he didn't want.

We both want to maintain separate libraries. I want to be able to control what gets delivered to his Kindle. What are my options - particularly seeing as Dad lives abroad and I don't always have access to his Kindle?
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I just noticed a button to "add another adult" and add children. Perhaps setting his kindle to a "children" account would give stronger isolation. But creating a separate account is probably the only way to provide full separation.
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I have two older generation kindles on the same account, and no matter which one I select to receive a book, the other will also get it, albeit the not-selected one gets it delivered to the 'archive' folder rather than the front page. I have tried various ways to unlink the two, so I could let a kid or three use it without content I'd rather not share with them, but I don't think there is anything for older kindles other than separate accounts.

The newer kindles have the 'children's account' settings that sammyo mentions, that limits what the secondary kindle can see; but if you and/or your dad have older models, sorry you're going to have to use separate accounts.
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Seperate accounts, but you log into his account and send him books. This is what I do with my parents. The only problem is that first you (or someone) will need to disconnect his Kindle from your account and set it up with his.
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