Free publications for designers?
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I design magazines and newspapers for a living. Sometimes I kinda...hit a rut...and need some inspiration. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any design/communications publications or periodicals that may supply free subscriptions to professional designers? I've got a few mag subscriptions myself, but they can be pretty expensive to keep up with, especially those with really great illustration and design. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Not free but very good and maybe helpful?
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Issuu can be useful this also. Plus they have an iOS App.
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There's always the library.
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Not a publication, but is a great showcase for design of all kinds.
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Graphic Design USA has a free print publication, just have to sign up and answer a few questions. It includes a couple annual design competitions yearly. Not CA-quality or anything, but it can be useful to see what's being done by the non-elite designers out there (i.e., people such as myself).

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute puts out a (quarterly?) print publication, the HHMI Bulletin (also available as an tablet app). Free to subscribe, and since the Institute has more money than God, apparently, the production values are top-notch, and they use a lot of illustration, which is nice. Pentagram recently took over the design (from VSA Partners). I can't claim to read the articles, but it's interesting to see how they handle the editorial design for what can be highly technical subject matter.
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Wired has good design and a subscription is only $5
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