Can you recommend me some paleo-ish food blogs?
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Can you recommend me some recipe-based blogs that aren't necessarily paleo but will have some recipes that would appeal to someone who is paleo? Like maybe some real food blogs that don't use flour or cheese in every single recipe, or some different ethnic food blogs that don't use a lot of flour or dairy either?

I try to eat mostly paleo but most paleo websites have grown annoying with weird ingredients and recipes that don't look appetizing and seem to focus a lot on paleo versions of regular recipes instead of just real food recipes. They also focus a lot on desserts nowadays instead of meals. I've found that the best paleo-friendly recipes are one that are unintentionally paleo or have minor non-paleo ingredients that can easily be left out, and that a lot of ethnic recipes (like Thai) tend to be paleo-friendly by nature.

I'm ok with beans, corn, potatoes, and occasional rice or what have you in recipes but not too keen on pasta-heavy dishes, flour, and no dairy at all unless it's just butter (in which can I can replace it easily). Even though no dairy is one of the main tenants of paleo, people often ignore that these days and include dairy in so many recipes they label "paleo." If a recipe has a little cheese as a garnish, I can easily leave it off. If it requires a cup of milk, I can't use it. I'm also ok with using tofu or soy sauce if a recipe calls for it.

So can you recommend me some recipe-based blogs that aren't necessarily paleo but will have some recipes that would appeal to someone who is paleo? Like maybe some real food blogs that don't use flour or cheese in every single recipe, or some different ethnic food blogs that don't use a lot of flour or dairy either? It doesn't have to be entirely paleo-friendly, but if one out of every few recipes fits what I'm looking for I'll be more than happy to browse through such a website!
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Have you tried looking for vegan recipes/blogs? Most vegan recipes focus on "real food", and they naturally cut out dairy. You could sub in meat where it seems natural...
Thug Kitchen comes to mind.
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Nom-Nom Paleo is an explicitly paleo site, but Tam doesn't do much replacement-type food. The recipes are consistently delicious, although I tend to think the day-to-day blog's gone downhill a little bit over the past year to year and a half; it felt like it was shilling a little more than it was offering recipes, but food blogging isn't a super-lucrative hustle, so I've mostly given it a pass. I own her cookbook and I've made a bunch of the stuff in it and it's all very tasty. She does have a few recipes with dairy, but most are dairy-free.
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Melissa Joulwan has a blog, theclothesmakethegirl with some good paleo recipes - she has two cookbooks, too, Well Fed & Well Fed 2, her recipes are tasty and manageable for a busy person.
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Why not look for ethnic food blogs and leave out the paleo keyword? Try Rasa Malaysia or Steamy Kitchen--my absolute favorite right now is actually a cookbook, EVERY GRAIN OF RICE by Fuchsia Dunlop. I grew up on ethnic Asian food and still prefer it, and I'm also highly lactose-intolerant. There are tons and tons of Chinese recipes that don't use flour or dairy. In fact, it'd be hard for me to think of more than a few non-dessert dishes that DO contain those two ingredients.
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Have you tried Pinterest? There's SO much paleo/vegan etc recipes and then those will link to blogs and you can try to find some good ones. I eat mostly paleo just due to food intolerances, not as a strict thing. Also agreeing to try to search for vegan, because you can always add meat/eggs to them but they will reliably be free from milk.

Another keyword may be "Clean Eating" which generally means less processed food and thus sometimes leaning toward paleo.

Also, gluten free recipes sometimes also lean toward lactose free as well. Buzzfeed surprisingly has some good resources for recipes. Often their recipes tend to be healthier and low carb/gluten free/paleo by nature.

Also, I'm a bit confused on what you mean by finding paleo blogs that focus on paleo versions of food but not "real food". Do you mean that you're finding stuff for paleo mac and cheese but not like, healthy meat and potatoes type food? If so, one option is to find recipes for those separate ingredients - for example a meat main dish and some sort of paleo side dish.
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Know what you mean. There's only so much coconut flour and stevia one human can stand... And a cake is still a cake (laden with sugar, calories) even if it's made from white beans.

Try (she has many recipes for non-food things also)
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I love Korean food blogger Maangchi. Most of her recipes don't include flour or dairy.
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Best answer: I love Kalyn's Kitchen. I know what you mean with the weird ingredients and she tends to just focus on straightforward recipes that happen to be low carb or paleo.
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Response by poster: Thug Kitchen looks pretty good! Serelliya, both Rasa Malaysia and Steamy Kitchen have great recipes. I was aware that Chinese cooking might fit the bill but I've only ever read one, low-fat Chinese cookbook that didn't appeal to me. Maangchi also has some great recipes. I've never delved into Korean cooking before aside from hearing about bimibap when looking for sushi recipes.

Brilliantine, Kalyn's Kitchen is pretty much spot on. I'd LOVE more websites like this one if anyone has any, as well as more ethnic ones. I'm only familiar with Thai, Russian and Cuban cooking and got some great suggestions here for Chinese and Korean so I'll take any suggestions for other cuisines that might fit the bill as well! Have all these bookmarked now, thanks guys!! Open to more suggestions though!
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101 Cookbooks always makes me excited to cook.
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I don't know very much about paleo but I follow this board on Pinterest. There are a lot of healthy veggie bowls (a lot of quinoa!) and no gluten/dairy.
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