Range hood lights keep burning out.
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Our range hood has become death, destroyer of light bulbs. We're having to change bulbs about once a month, even after switching from normal to "oven"-type. We never use the hood fan, either. Any ideas on what might be causing this, and a possible simple fix short of asking our landlord to replace the hood?
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Those are usually halogen bulbs, so if you're touching them with bare hands at installation, you could be setting them up for quick failure.
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Rather than oven style look for a rough service bulb, if it is an edison base, that will fit in your housing.
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Ours does this too, and it's a new hood. Our wiring is generally not the best (we suspect), but in this case we simply switched to a very small CFL bulb (it's an edison base) and so far so good.

(Frankly we are having an impossible time keeping any bulbs of any kind lit for more than a few weeks--manufacturers have stopped building any quality at all into regular incandescent bulbs.)
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What kind of base does it have? Is it halogen or incandescent?
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Same problem: vent hood with two tungsten bulbs which burned out way too frequently.
At a lightbulb shop, the owner suggested 130-volt tungsten bulbs, which run cooler (and slightly dimmer) when on a standard 120-volt circuit.
I bought and installed them almost a year ago and haven't had to change them yet. They weren't expensive, either.
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We had the same problem. I cured it by replacing the bulbs with matching LED lights.
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