Audio/headphone issues on Google Chromebase
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Just got a Google Chromebase for the kids and love it, but I am listening to music on my Bose headphones and there is an annoying static sound, I know its not the headphones. Any ideas? I will be using the Chromebase to kick around on as well and audio is important. thanks! I can't find much on the internet about the Chromebase
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Do you mean Google Chromebox? Or LG Chromebase?
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LG chromebase
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Do you have other cheap headphones to test on the Chromebase? If it's the Chromebase, you should hear it in all headphones (except for pro high-impedence headphones possibly). Try earbuds or something else and see if the sound continues.

The internal audio card/jack could be malfunctioning or the system itself could just have really poor audio (seems unlikely that they would let that happen). Also make sure the system is fully up-to-date. There could be a bug that gets fixed in the audio drivers or something in an update. Not much elsewhere online about this issue.

Does it also happen when no audio is playing?
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Yeah, I'd try another pair of headphones. If the Bose ones are low-impedance, you're getting extra noise that wouldn't be noticeable on a higher-impedance set.

I had this issue on my Macbook -- there was a noticeable amount of noise coming out of the headphone jack. Turned out it was just the low-impedance earbuds I was trying it with, and other headphones were fine.
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