What would be the equivalent of the early years of Burning Man?
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I would like some suggestions for festivals and events that would be the equivalent of the early years of Burning Man.

I'm looking for suggestions (for both in the US and outside) of festivals and events that would be the equivalent of Burning Man back in the day. I worked with someone once who told me she used to go to Burning Man when it first started out at the beach in San Francisco. Looking for smaller, less well-known events based on creativity, fun, good energy, etc
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The things I can think of are not gatherings that people want to advertise to strangers on the internet. Start by asking around with people you know. You could also start going to burner-related events and get to know people that way. A shortcut to this in some cities is to start going on social/party bike rides.
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Seconding going to burner-related events. Wherever you live, Google and Facebook-search [area] Burners. For example, in Boston we have Boston Burners. These groups are networks for artistic, adventurous people involved in all sorts of things and they can lead you to happenings in your area.
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The local regionals are a good bet. But I agree with mandy. The best events are small because they are about community. There sometimes isnt much to them besides people, tents and a bonfire.

If you want to experience this, get to know your local weirdos who have the qualities you seek, but also try to cultivate them within yourself. If you aren't finding what you want in your life, you could always try to create it.
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Check your MeMail.
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I agree that regional burns might have something of what you're looking for, but they are qualitatively different from what Burning Man was in its early days. Back in the day, Burning Man had a drive-by shooting range (among other hazardous amusements). At least in the USA, the day for that has passed. Nobody is going to try to hold an event that anarchic.
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I know it belittles the spirit of Burning Man to compare it to a mere electronic music festival, but Shambhala, held every year in the magical hippy wonderland that is Nelson British Columbia, has the most comparable vibe in these parts of the woods.
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