It was a dark and stormy night..
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I have a simple, yet apparently not so simple goal: to have the makings of a Dark n' Stormy delivered to a business address in Manhattan, ideally tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Viz: Dark rum, ginger beer, limes. Difficulty: I would really like the rum to be Kraken rum for inside joke reasons. Additional difficulty: I am in the UK.

There are shops seem to deliver liquor, and shops that maybe deliver ginger beer, but none deliver both, and the ones I've seen have a hazy maybe-this-will-work-maybe-it-won't feel to the websites that don't fill me with confidence. I have a credit card and am willing to use it, within reason. I'll probably cross my fingers and use two websites but thought I'd run this past the collective genius here.
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Best answer: Honestly, your best bet is probably to ask someone on MeFi to do it and paypal them the funds. You could even post it on the jobs page and link to that post here.
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TaskRabbit could also probably handle this, although I agree MeFi Jobs is a good place to start.
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Places [meaning stores, not restaurants] that sell food in Manhattan cannot also sell liquor, so you'll need to do two stores.

Fresh Direct has all of these items though (they partner w/ a liquor seller), so you may be able to go that route.
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Response by poster: Aha! thanks melissasaurus, Fresh Direct does indeed have everything, althout they only have Diet Goslings Ginger Beer in stock, which gives rise to follup question, "is Diet Gosling's Ginger Beer delicious or not?"

I hadn't thought of MeFi Jobs-- if Fresh Direct proves unworkable, that will be my next step..
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Postmates will do this. I checked it out, Manhattan is one of the few places they DO deliver liquor.

I'm not there, but a couple friends work for that company and I was almost positive they could handle this. You won't have to get diet ginger beer either.
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Response by poster: Curses! Fresh Direct is out of slots for tomorrow.. I checked out Postmates, emptythought, but I only see restaurants?
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Try drizly maybe?
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Response by poster: Welp, if I gave up on the Kraken requirement there were some potential options, but every single thing fell through (including taskrabbit!) when I produced a UK credit card and no US zip. So it's now up on jobs, if anyone wants a bit of spare cash on Friday!
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Response by poster: Link to the jobs posting
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Where does this need to go? What neighborhood? Memail me if you don't know where the address is and don't want to publically post this.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone- delivery was masterfully executed by a kindly mefite from the jobs board. Cheers!
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