Help us plan a fun bachelor/bachelorette party!
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So the day before the wedding, we want to invite our friends to hang out Somewhere Fun in the Bay Area. We're based in San Jose, so the closer the better, I say, but I'm aware that a lot of the fun things might be in San Francisco or elsewhere.

My fiance likes the idea of something more relaxed, like renting a beach house and just chilling there for the day. I like the idea of something with a little more activity, but I'm at a loss. An amusement park could work but for the fact that I don't do roller coasters. We've enjoyed barbecuing in that area overlooking Half Moon Bay, but we've done that a number of times with friends already, although I think the out-of-towners would enjoy the view. So that would probably be our go-to if we can't come up with anything else. I guess we would like somewhere that's quiet enough for people to converse but there is an activity to do if they want to. Any and all suggestions welcomed!
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How about a Golden Gate Park day? You can have a home base with a bunch of picnic blankets (and/or camping-type chairs), bottles of wine, and yummy food, maybe in Hellman Hollow (the old Speedway Meadow). And then people can just hang out, or they can wander around as they like to see the buffalo, check out one of the museums (science or art), check out one of the other 'attractions' (conservatory of flowers, botanical gardens, Japanese tea garden), etc. etc. etc. This also leaves things open to do an evening out on the town after the day of chilling for those who would like to go out to eat/out to a bar.
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Several ideas here including indoor sky diving, roller rink, and kitschy motel pool area you can rent out for a party.
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Best answer: Um. Is Santa Cruz way too obvious to suggest? You are close to San Jose and can do beach house and Boardwalk, where you can skip the rides but still hang out and play games etc.
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Best answer: Santa Cruz came to my mind as well. You've got the boardwalk. Try Chaminade if you can't find a VRBO house to rent. Husbunny and spent a night of our Honeymoon here and lucked into a suite. It was huge, and pretty and we had a ball.

If you're willing to travel further, hit Madonna Inn and go up to check out Hearst Castle.

I know a great DJ in San Jose if you need one, just memail me and I'll hook you up.
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Response by poster: Santa Cruz IS a pretty great, obvious idea. We must be wedding brain-fried. The tech thing sounds cool too! I've heard about that. The wedding's in April.
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