Like "Duck Soup," but in Teheran?
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Does anybody remember a comedy sketch I saw on TV circa 1979? It was set in the post-revolution Iranian parliament, and it was based on the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup"...

The Groucho Marx character played President Bani-Sadr, and they re-did the routine where they kept announcing him and he never appeared, then walked on from the opposite side of the screen. And it ended with a very Marx-Brothers-like musical number called "We'll Blame It All on You," about how they were blaming everything on the United States.

I seem to remember that it was on the show "Fridays," but I can't find it in any of the online episode guides. In fact, my Google-fu can't find any trace of it at all. Did I dream up the whole thing?
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Here it is. And it was Fridays
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Wow! Thank you...I don't know how I missed it.
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