Public Radio Fund Drives
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Can the big Metafilter brain direct me to reputable surveys or peer reviewed studies that examine how public radio fund drives are conducted and how people feel about them?

From the standpoint of the public radio stations themselves, I am looking for nuts and bolts of (1) how they have evolved, (2) how they employ various psychological techniques to get people to donate or become members (shame, group membership, building community, etc.), their effectiveness. And from the listener or donor's perspective, I am looking for any survey that has polled people about how they feel about found drives and what those people think can be done to improve them, modify them, scale them back or eliminate them altogether.
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This has been pretty well researched by radio stations themselves. For example, Station Research Group has a section on funding, including a PDF titled Individual Giving to Public Radio Stations. From another angle, here's a critique of a public radio fund drive by Brand Autopsy.
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David Giovannoni was NPR's guru for audience research for many years. I'm not sure to what extent he studied fund drives, but he did a lot of research into fundraising more generally, so I expect he probably did. I don't have his site at hand but you can find it if you Google: it's an old site where he's posted all the decks and reports he made in his years with them.
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