Access NAS shared folder as non-local user
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Hello. I'm trying to access a shared folder on my NAS (Intel SS4200-e). The NAS machine is called 'Server'. I have setup a shared folder on the NAS with the name of 'Test'. I have setup a user that has full read/write permissions to that folder. The user is named 'Test'. The user password is 'testing123'. When I navigate my local computer (Windows 7) network to \\SERVER\Test, a Windows Security box pops up asking me to enter my network password to connect to SERVER. If I enter 'Test' as the user name and 'testing123' as the password, my access is denied.

I understand that I may not be entering the information correctly into the user name field, but I'm not sure what the correct format is. I've tried entering \\SERVER\Test into the username field to change the domain away from my local machine because I don't have a local machine account of 'Test', but that doesn't work either.

Can someone please help? Thank you.
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Try user: Test@SERVER

But what you really want to do is find an error in the logs and tell us that.
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Response by poster: Test@SERVER brings the same error.

There are no logs (at least on the server logging system) that mention anything about this.

I did however do some more Google searching about the message in that access denied dialog box that contains: "Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again."

I found this Microsoft support page that addresses this issue.

I am in fact already logged into a different shared folder on that NAS using a different name. It would appear that Windows is purposely keeping me from accessing my Test folder using the different Test user account by design.
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Try Username: 'Server\Test'
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My vote goes for what 6ATR said.
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Yes, you can't connect to the same server with multiple credentials at once under Windows.

However, you can trick it. For your second user's connection, you use a different way of naming the server. The easiest way is using the server's IP address instead of its name for the second connection. Like, instead of '\\SERVER\Test', connect to '\\\Test' or whatever the right IP number is for your NAS.

If you're running your own DNS you can add aliases for the server to have multiple names instead.

It sometimes even works if for one connection you use the Netbios name alone, like 'server' , and for the second connection use the FQDN, like 'server.local', but that one is spotty in my experience.

Good luck!
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