Thanksgiving in Albuquerque
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I'm going to be in Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. Any can't miss attractions or activities (preferably outdoor)? Thanks!
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How long will you be here? Will you have a car?

I'd suggest taking a drive and then going for a hike.

It's a great time to visit the Bosque del Apache to do some brid watching.

The River of Lights Holiday Festival begins on Saturday the 26th.

And of course we could always try to throw together a meetup!
A couple of ski areas will be open by T-day. Sipapu is already open
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Acoma Pueblo is not to be missed. New Madrid is a funky little arts town/tourist trap on the way to Santa Fe.
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Note to LarryC's suggestion on Madrid: You have to take 14 up to Madrid, not I25.
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If you can take a tram car ride to the top of Sandia Peak this time of year, I'd recommend it. The view is incredible.

I'd also recommend picking up a copy of V.B. Price's ALBUQUERQUE: A CITY AT THE END OF THE WORLD. It won't really act as tour guide, per se, but it does a great job of articulating why the city is so fascinating.
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Spend some time in Old Town, if you can. Very charming, very much of the spirit of the city, I think.

And eat some green chile. And then eat some more, for me. :)
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Take warm clothes. It's dry in New Mexico, but the wind goes right through you. Wear a hat.

Check the papers for what's open. Don't forget the museums. And there's always Santa Fe.
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Sandia mountain is going to be cold for a tram visit this time of year. It was very cool in July when I went. I liked Madrid, if you are into checking some really good art at the many artists' residences then it is the place to go. It is refreshing to see art that isn't the typical tourist bonanza crap.
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The last time I was there, my brother an I went to Petroglyphs National Monument. There are several trails some more primitive than others. From the top of one set of trails there a good view of the surrounding area.

We went to the top Sandia crest a couple years ago at Christmas. It was incredibly cold, but it was still worth it. You can get hot chocolate at the restaurant up there.
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We were in NM about 6 weeks ago, and found a GREAT Mexican restaurant called Chilepenos. It's on Route 14, just before the turnoff to Sandia.
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