Who else rocked Folsom?
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Just saw Walk the Line, which opens with Johnny Cash's performance at Folsom Prison, and I was wondering: what other bands (of any genre) have also played prisons and for what reason? I guess mental institutions count, but only if they're for the criminally insane ;-)
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Don't know if it's in the movie but Johnny also played San Quentin.
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Metallica shot one of their videos at San Quentin.
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The Cramps performed at Napa State Mental Institution in 1978.
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One of my faves, the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, played Rikers in NYC a while back.

Antibalas, in the vein of their inspiration, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, are quite political; I expect that's why they played Rikers but I cannot imagine why any prison warden in their right minds would allow them into the gaol.

BB King Live at the Cook County Jail is a classic.

You might also want to check out Bread & Roses. Founded by Mimi Farina, it puts on shows for people incarcerated in the San Francisco Bay area.
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The Sex Pistols released an album recorded live at Chelmsford Prison.
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BB King also played San Quentin.
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Cable (the UK guitar band, not the US heavy metal Cable) did a gig at Brixton prison and released parts of that as an EP entitled, inexplicably, Live At Brixton Prison EP. It contains a cover version of San Quentin.
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The band Rudimentary Peni recorded their 'Pope Adrian the 37th Psychiatric' album while the lead singer was in a mental institution in England. Closest I can think of.
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Steve Earle played a concert at the Cold Creek Correctional Facility in Tennessee in 1996. It was part of his probation after his own drug-related prison sentence, and (I believe) it aired on MTV.
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I believe Merle Haggard played San Quentin. Richard Pryor did a gig in a prison as well.
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Bob Dylan played for Rubin "Hurricane" Carter at Clinton State Prison in NJ.

[off topic] Does anyone know where I can find the duet from "Walk The Line" that went something like "I've got arms... (Johnny) and I've got arms...(June) I've got lips...(Johnny) and I've got lips...(June)." I think it was called "Wastin' Time," but I can't find it on IMDB, Google or iTunes. I think it was the only song in the movie that I had not heard before.
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I believe Rage Against the Machine has played in a prison
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Do fictional concerts count? The Blue Brothers played a prison (that they were in) at the very end of the movie...
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Hawkwind played Wandsworth Prison in 1973 (and all the prisoners totally tripped out I bet).

And, Jesus, so many great musicians have played Folsom Prison. Those prisoners that are doing life bids there are so lucky.
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I know Santana has played in a prison, I'm just not sure which one.
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Frank Grimes, there's a video of Time's A Wastin' at iFilm.com...

I found Carl Smith's recording here, but it's looking like Johnny & June may have only done the song live, if at all: it makes a good story, but the movie takes liberties. Anyone know for sure?
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John Lee Hooker rocked Soledad.

The Sex Pistols rocked Chelmsford Prison.
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Chris Smither talks about playing prisons from time to time during his live shows. Apparently it's a fairly frequent happening, but the entertainment is usually of the proselytizing variety.
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Glen Campbell. He was an inmate at the time.
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There’s a clip of a news report about Public Enemy at Rikers Island at the beginning of “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos,” but I’m not sure if they performed or just met with prisoners or something.
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That Cramps gig StickyCarpet mentioned is legendary, and the bootleg video is batshitinsane and highly worth watching.

A couple of years ago, a couple of "artists" staged a re-enactment of the show. You know, like people who dress up like Civil War soldiers? I think the idea was that, instead of glorifying a war with a re-enactment, they should glorify something life-affirming...you know, like a Cramps gig at a mental hospital!

I don't mean to sound so dismissive, because actually I think this is a pretty cool idea. I mean, beats dressing up like your Confederate granpappy...

Here's the website for the project.

(Dear artists: while you're at it, will you please re-enact this gig? I didn't have a chance to make it, having been nine months old.)
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