Do we need our Pulse to live?
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Are there other apps similar to Pulse that aggregate news and information feeds into a user-friendly interface?

The Mr. and I rely on the Pulse news app as our source of news and information. Yesterday, they released an updated version that requires logging into LinkedIn to access the app. This is a showstopper for us. What are our alternatives?

We like Pulse because we can see headlines from all our sources (local news channels/papers, CNN, NPR, BBC, ESPN, NFL, AskMe, Salon, Deadspin, etc) on the page with minimal scrolling/clicking, then click headlines of interest to read a little more before following the link for the whole story if we're still interested.

I've been using Flipboard for the last two days, which is OK, but I find all the flipping annoying. And as far as I can tell, it's only organized by topic, not source.

We would use the app primarily on iPhones (5 and 6), and sometimes on a iPad mini.

Oh, and I have my apps update automatically, so the damage is done (lesson learned).
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Have you synced with your computer recently? You can just reinstall the old version. Posted from the last version of pulse before they were bought out by LinkedIn.
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I use Feedly with some success. It's less graphics-intensive than Pulse, but once I got it properly organized it works pretty well.
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+1 for Feedly
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Reeder 2 is a nice RSS app for iOS. (I use it to access my Feedly account. I haven't tried the Feedly app yet, though clearly people are saying good things about that too.)
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I switched to Reeder 2 not long after the sale to LinkedIn. Not as pretty, but it works very tidily.
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Response by poster: Just to follow up... In searching for the suggestions above at the app store, I stumbled upon Newsify which I'm pretty happy with.

I tried Feedly, but it wouldn't let me add more than a couple of sources before insisting that I log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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