what is this called and where can I buy one?
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Our roommate Napoleon Bone-Apart is missing the little pin that keeps his femur attached to his hip. It looks exactly like this. What is the term for this type of pin, and where can I buy one (or two I guess, but not bulk quantities) so that we can restore Napoleon to his full glory?
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Best answer: A threaded eye bolt.
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Best answer: I was going to suggest threaded eye bolt too. If you still have one on hand, take it to the hardware store with you (and those pictures too) and ask someone for help to make sure you get the right thing. They should be pretty cheap. (Also, your skeleton's left femur is on backwards).
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Best answer: Yep, threaded eye bolt with a thumb nut. Measure the one on the remaining leg, and look it up in McMaster-Carr.
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Strip the jacket off a piece of solid wire, bend it a little at each end, voila.
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