Lively restaurant in SF for 7 people this Saturday
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Looking for a fun restaurant for 7 people (in their 30s) in San Francisco this Saturday night. We're going out to Smuggler's Cove in the Fillmore area early (though we can hop a cab to just about anywhere after) and want to eat at around 7:30. Open to all cuisines as long as there are decent vegetarian options.

Not looking to break the bank, but nicer places are definitely on the table. A place with a lively atmosphere would be perfect. Thanks!
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Smuggler's Cove is firmly in Hayes Valley, rather than the Fillmore.

Maybe the Boxing Room or Absinthe? They're a block from the Cove. Not sure if the vegetarian options will be enough. Absinthe has stellar cocktails, if you're looking to continue in that vein with dinner.
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If you don't mind waiting for a table, Cha Cha Cha is lively, fun and tasty, good for groups of friends, and would pair well with Smuggler's Cove. It'd be a cab ride to either of the two locations, though.
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There's a Cha Cha Cha quite a bit closer in the Mission, too, but it's a different atmosphere (still lively, not as themed).
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Consider going to Millennium, since they're kinda legendary upscale vegan and closing for good in April.
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Came here to say Cha Cha Cha, and agree that the one in the Haight is a lot more fun.
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