Indoor Spaces to Walk Near NYC's Union Square?
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Now that it's too cold to walk around for a significant amount of time outside, I'm looking for an indoor space to walk around in on my lunch break. Is there some kind of public atrium or something similar conducive for walking near Union Square in NYC? I'm looking for somewhere that's within walking distance (i.e. I don't want to take the train).
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Stores that probably have big enough aisles to actually walk, not just squeeze through, and enough space to make it interesting: Barnes and Noble, ABC Carpet and Home.
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In your position I'd enjoy the idea of strolling the Rubin Museum and getting to know the exhibits there, but you'd need to join at $65 per year.
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Seconding the Barnes & Noble suggestion. If you're wearing professional attire you could probably wander around the lobby and main staircase at the W Hotel without drawing attention, though I suppose not every day. The big retail building that has the DSW and the Burlington Coat Factory has big enough aisles to walk around and shouldn't be too crazy on an average weekday at lunchtime.
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Oh and Yeshiva University Museum is only a block and a half west on 16th and is free on Fridays. I've never been, but it seems like it would be a decent option.
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I like to wander around Eataly in the winter, though it's on 23rd & 5th opposite Madison Square.
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You could go to the Bed Bath and Beyond/TJ Maxx complex on 6th and walk around.
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There's also a Container Store across the street from Bed Bath & Beyond/TJ Maxx.
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Seconding ABC Carpet and Home -- you can take the elevator to the top floor and make your way down the stairs after checking out each huge (huge!) floor.
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You can also browse Best Buy or Trader Joe's a block to the east.
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