Cherry Garcia FroYo Change.
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Along with a recent subtle change in the packaging of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Frozen Yoghurt, has anyone else noticed a change in the flavor and consistency of this product?

I am a long time junkie for this late night snack, but it has changed!!! Can find nothing about this on the interwebs. It is weirdly creamier in texture and has lost some tanginess and "character". Poor words to describe changes in industrial chemistry, but this is my sensory impression. Listed ingredients have changed only very subtly. Is it a change in processing, rather than ingredients, per se?
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I know Ben & Jerry's changed their Heath Bar ice cream to assure there were no GMOs in their ice creams. Perhaps they made similar changes to Cherry Garcia?
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I don't know about this flavor in particular, but B&J's switched to Fairtrade Certified, non-GMO sourced ingredients fairly recently. The Coffee Heath Bar Crunch changed to Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch and it's terrible, inedible dreck. So maybe an ingredient (or six) in the FroYo changed too? I haven't noticed a change in the regular Cherry Garcia and I've had it very recently.
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I do know the ice cream they sell in their retail shops is now disgustingly sugar-flavored.
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Agree it's probably related to the changes that made their ice cream line completely inedible. (I miss the Heath Bar I've cream something fierce. My waistline doesn't.)
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I know that in the last 3 years, their Everything But The... changed from being all kinds of chocolatey and vanillay decadent goodness to being something chocolateish that tastes of plastic and despair, and they changed Chubby Hubby's chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels to chocolate peanut butter fudge covered pretzel-flavored rocks.

I was upset enough about the change in Chubby Hubby to send them a strongly worded email. I made it very clear that I was not complaining in order to get something from them, but because I wanted them to know how at least one customer was reacting to this change in the end product. They mailed me a lovely letter thanking me for my complaint, plus a handful of coupons for both $1 off pints and for free pints. I was very impressed with their classiness and customer service, and used the coupons to find a new favorite flavor in Mint Chocolate Cookie.
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Response by poster: "Plastic and despair"!! Perfect! A wonderful description of what I encounter when I eat the newly synthesized version of Cherry Garcia FroYo. Perhaps more locust bean gum, or guar gum or corn syrup solids?
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This is what I thought would happen after Unilever started to push for more control.
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Yes, it tastes like grainy, unblended despair.

Every time I forget this, I end up digging out the fudge bits and cherries and tossing the rest.
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