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I'm looking for an app for iPhone that will alert the user once they've been on the phone for an hour.

My users are on phone plans that charge after one hour and I'm hoping to find an app that will notify them of the call time. I have tried getting them to check but surprisingly this didn't work!
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"Siri set a timer for one hour."

Make call.
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Slightly different use case, but NPR had a story about the app Moment (and its founders' attempt to get a handle on their smartphone usage times) a few weeks back. I believe it had a customizable alert for amount of smartphone time, but not specifically call minutes.
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"Siri set a timer for one hour."

Just discovered recently you can use the built-in Clock app as a sleep timer for music. Made me exceedingly happy.

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Best answer: I strongly suspect that app developers don't get access to the phone call from their app. Which is to say, it's a security feature that apps can't know how long you've been on a call. An app would need to register as some sort of background app (music, maps, voip, etc) and then poll the usage metrics and see if your call minutes went up. And then I'm not sure it could interrupt your call. Overall, such an app may not be technically possible, and if it was, I doubt Apple would approve it. But I can't prove the non-existence of such an app.
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Best answer: This app claims to do what you're asking for, including 'in call alarm'. I haven't downloaded or used it, but it's on the App Store so I guess it's legit?
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Response by poster: Thanks HappyDave, I will test that out on my phone. Jeffamaphone, you might be right as there are so few highly reviewed ones out there. I hesitate to ask them to set an alarm with Siri as I don't think they would remember.
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