Therapist in Durham, NC
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Can you recommend a female marriage counselor in Durham, NC? Or, failing that, any good female therapist who can help me make sense of my marriage?
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We like Stephanie Kotzen.
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From a commenter that would prefer to remain anon:
If you can't find someone locally, I'm happy with the therapist I chose: Gatti. She does individual and couple counselling. Skype has been actually more comfortable for me than previously going to a therapist's office. I found the recommendation for the site from another askme thread.
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I've had experience with this therapist. She took anything unusual completely in stride, and followed complex overthinking with ease, providing some insights. She definitely does not take control in sessions (which made her less helpful for us, but might not be a drawback for others), so it is important to know how many sessions you want and what your goals are in each one and overall.
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Kim Cochrane does good couples/marriage work.
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