Antique/junk shops nearish DC that deliver?
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I need a new dining room table. I like early 20th century furniture, but I lean more "grandma's garage sale" than fine antiques.

My space is pretty small, so I would really prefer to buy in person so I can measure myself and get a feel for the piece and how it will seem in my little dining alcove. I'm willing to drive around a fair bit in my tiny car, but I would need to buy from someplace that's willing to deliver to my second-floor apartment. Also willing to pay a delivery fee. I LOVE driving around and shopping, so feel free to rec places that are off the beaten path. If you happen to know some good restaurants or tea shops along the way, so much the better! Thanks!
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Best answer: Check out Miss Pixie's!

Their delivery policy states:
Delivery service for most of the D.C. Metro area is $35 depending on item, stairs, etc. Outside of D.C. begins at $45. And we have the sweetest delivery guys around!

Their website also lists a bunch of other similar shops I'll paste below. I've only purchased from GoodWood and I don't know if they deliver, but I found several quality pieces there at a bargain.

Ruff and Ready 4722 14th Street NW, DC 202/ 726-2600
GoodWood 1428 U Street NW, DC 202/ 986-3640
Millennium 1528 U Street NW, DC 202/ 483-1218
Bentley’s 810 Upshur Street NW, DC (202) 251-0527
Brass Knob 2311 18th Street NW, DC 202/ 332-3370
Mom N Pop Antiques 3534 Georgia Avenue NW, DC 202/ 722-0719
Modern Mobler 7313 Georgia Avenue NW, DC 571/ 594-2201
Foundry 819 Rear 11th Street, NE
Simon Vintage 1911 9TH Street NW, DC 202/ 629-2517
Hunted House 510 H Street NE, 202.549.7493
Peg Leg Vintage 9600 Baltimore Ave College Park, MD 301-477-2423
Off The Beaten Track 2414 Douglas St. NE 202-733-5330
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Best answer: I can vouch for Simon Vintage. If you get on their email list they do periodic sale/coupon offers (e.g. 50% off one item in the basement).

We … didn't love Bentley's. Miss Pixie's and Ruff 'n' Ready are both great, they just didn't have pieces that worked for us when we went (which is to say they had things we loved, but not the precise things we were planning to buy). NB Miss Pixie's seems to have a lot of product turnover so repeat visits may pay off.

Modern Mobler seems to focus on mid century modern stuff so if that's your taste you might want to start there and hit Simon Vintage next, then GoodWood and Miss Pixie's (which are near each other), and get food near one of them.

Simon Vintage is near Dino's Grotto (Italian), Etete (Ethiopian), and the DB3 bars Mockingbird Hill (sherry and ham), Southern Efficiency (whiskey and southern counter food), and Eat The Rich (pitcher cocktails and oysters). Miss Pixie's is on 14th St NW near a whole lot of restaurants and bars.
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