Weddingfilter: Non–Legal ceremony home in UK, Legal ceremony Pacific NW
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My fiancee and I have spent much of our adult lives travelling and have a fondness for our time spent in the United States. As such we would love to be married there. We are planning to hold a humanist ceremony / blessing / non–legal ceremony in the UK and rather than the usual Registry Office ceremony to take care of the legal things, we were hoping to Honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest and get legally married while there. I am trying to work out a few things …

1. At the point during the ceremony at home where they pronounce us Husband and Wife, we actually won't be. Perhaps not even for a week or two. Is this a big deal?

2. Will we run into any difficulties getting married in the United States? From what I've read it seems perfectly do-able, unless I've missed something fairly serious.

… Lastly, and a less likely thing to occur …

3. If it turns out to be a big deal regarding the first bit, mainly with family, is there anything to say we couldn't be married in the UK at a registry office and then subsequently marry again in the United States? Should imagine getting married twice isn't a particularly good idea.

Thanks so much for any advice. Long time AskMeFi user, choosing to remain anon on this one.
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1/ No there is no issue. My now-spouse and I did something similar and were fake-married by a humanist in the UK. Simply don't apply for a marriage license.

2/ No.

3/ This is illegal. Don't do it.
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In Oregon, Washington and Alaska there's a three day waiting period. So, factor that time in. Or go to Idaho where there's no waiting period (and the costs of the license is about half it is in OR/WA!)
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Depending on your tolerance for dealing with bureaucracy while honeymooning, the Oregon 3 day waiting period can be waived. You'd want to talk to the county that you're planning to get the license in before hand to make this go as smoothly as possible.
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