Where can I find discount kids' khaki jumpsuits or white coveralls?
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My 4-, 6-, and 8-year old daughters loooove the Ghostbusters movie, and are already planning to be Ghostbusters for Halloween. I'm about to give up hope of finding affordable kids' jumpsuits, please help.

Making a costume is much preferred over buying one. I've seen countless do-it-yourself tutorials and we are super excited to make these, but I'm stumped on finding affordable khaki jumpsuits, flight suits, or even white painter's coveralls that I could dye khaki. I've seen tutorials that reference finding ~$10 kids' jumpsuits from surplus stores, and a site in the UK that sells kid-sized coveralls for ~£10, but I'm in the US and my Google-fu has failed to find any that aren't $30+.
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$30 is about the price of admission, I think. I owned a pair of green flight coveralls when I was in high school (which led, among other things, to an invitation to play a bit part as garbage man in a musical), and I think I paid about $30 at Sunny's Surplus, back when that was a thing. I think they're just called Sunny's now and I'm not sure they sell any surplus stuff.
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My mom's solution for hard to find costume items was to dye a plain white sweatsuit and mod it accordingly.
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My son was a Ghostbuster last year. I put him in tan pants and a khaki shirt. I mounted his gear on a backpack, but honestly, it would have been better if the pack had had a waist belt, to make the carry easier for him. A belted pack would also hide where a shirt/pants combo come together.

You might also check here or here.

seasrching for 'kids flight suit tan" had popped some results for me.

Walls, Dickies, Carhartt might also be worth a look if you're willing to spend a little more and use the outerwear on a regular basis.
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This coverall says it's made of fabric - whether it's dyeable, not sure. Commenters speak of difficulty finding sizes below L so that may be a sticking point.
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