Free political blog templates?
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When, in the course of human events, an awesome individual decides to run for office, and when an amateur nerd overhears this and is tickled pink, and wishes to set up a blog for this awesome individual, where would this amateur nerd find free political candidate's blog templates?

I'll prolly build my own but some nice red-white-and-blue templates would be muchly appreciated as a starting point.
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You visited Open Source Web Design yet? That'd be a good place to start. See Open Web Design too for more (here's my quick search results).
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...(here's my quick search results).

Um, I mean here are my quick search results.
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what awesome individual, for what office? intrigued here. won't be offended if you can't disclose
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We've had a number of people base their political Movable Type-powered blogs on the Independence template that used to be one of the default styles in MT. Nowadays you can pick one from the style library as a base or go with the style generator.
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